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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Some thoughts

 A rather cold n windy day today, springtime in the midwest. Today Queen Misty went to visit relatives which provided sissy with some free time to get a bit of exercise. It can be therapeutic to take a long walk in the woods dressed as a sissy sort of and pass by others while doing so. Even with the cold weather it feels good to get the blood pumping. Being dressed this way really keeps things pumping as well. No to be   drawing attention, but more just the freedom of the outdoors is really what it is for me. I do wonder if other sissies ever do this as I have never come across one while taking these walks.

I suppose it would be rare, which is fine. Queen Misty is also interested in this type of activity as well and at times will walk with her sissy on a wooded trail. I can imagine at times other things happening should we feel secluded in the woods. Time will tell that story. A busy week for us here in the midwest but wanted to share a quick post to what is going on here. What would most people think while passing by a sissy dressed in a little red jacket walking through the woods with a collar on that says Sissy, and a pink one at that.

Well I can say that about 6 people did see this sissy like that and most just say hello, or nothing at all. Still it is a feeling of low status while wearing a collar like this and taking a walk. A picture or two to come here soon will post soon. Meanwhile this sissy is being busy around the house and just getting things done. Hope to write more here soon,,Bella

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