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Monday, March 22, 2021

Warm Weather

 Another update for any others to view. Things are getting warmer around here in the Midwest. Misty and Bella have been busy outside. Lots to do, but it does include sissy wearing a pink collar under the covid mask. Some pictures of this to come soon. Misty believes that sissy needs to always know and be aware of being a true sissy. Little things like this do work on a sissy’s mind. We are still trying to figure out the process for building this blog which hopefully brings a lot of viewers. Warmer weather will also bring us outside for some walks and hopefully some play in secluded area's. There are several area's around these parts that we could go for some fun. She has recently suggested some walks when the sun is a bit down where a sissy can dress as a sissy and be out and about with Queen Misty. This is another area where we should be able to get some good photo's to spice up this blog. The covid scare is still alive out there for us but the vaccines are coming soon we think. That will be great as then we can resume more social events and have some fun. Misty can be quite a sexual flirt with men and she never fails to get attention from them when ever we go out. I sissy am pretty sure that if the right guy came along, that is her type, that she probably would not hesitate to cuckold her sissy slut bella again as she has done in the past. There are some stories here as well, though it has been a while. There is something very rewarding for a sissy after she see's the excitement in her Mistress while she peruses a cuckold type event. It is a hard thing to describe as part of it is very emotionally upsetting but irresistible at the same time. It can be fun, but also not so much, trying to figure out the other guys thoughts or reasoning for doing it. Just something few married couples should probably ever get into unless there bond is very strong and they know that it is for sure. We have discussed how things would and should go during these types of times, but honestly things never really go as planned. Awhile back, before I was Sissy bella, we did get involved with cuckolding and it was very thought provoking and emotional.  To be perfectly honest, during these times I was way to much topping from the bottom!! Something I now see that I didn't realize at the time. The cuckoldress really has a lot to deal with in a cuckold situation and it can be very stressful on her as well. Sure she gets the strange exciting sex, but what else? some STD's? not good although we have been lucky here. It's just that so many things can and do go wrong that it can and has been more trouble than it's worth sometimes. Well not to through cold water on what can also be a great time, she, and we all three have also had some fantastic sex and just even great mental stimulation from the cuckolding experiences that we did have. I am for sure a much better cucked husband for being a sissy slut bella for Queen Misty. That is about it for today as I have some sissy chores to attend to now, even though i managed to get away with no disciplining from last week's infraction's lol, I better be on my best behavior this week as well. 

That’s all for now  

Sissy Slut Bella signing off for now.  


  1. Welcome to the blogsphere bella and look forward to reading about your life with your Mistress.


  2. thanks Poppet for reading and the comment.


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