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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Misty’s Sissy Hub Bella - Day 2

 Ok, day two of this blog. still working on how does this thing work. I guess it takes time to learn new things right? I woke up early for some odd reason. Queen Misty woke up early as well. Our normal day is that Queen Misty wakes up before sissy  bella and she will relax , watch some morning news events and use her pager to wake up sissy bella to quickly go prepare Queen Misty's coffee. Now this is the thing , this pager is actually a shock device used for dog training. Queen Misty insists that sissy bella wears this device 24/7and  sissy knows to keep it on and charged at all times. This thing is very effective for sissy bella's training. It actually is attached to the sissy's penis. Sissy does have two devices like this that sissy is required to keep charged up at all times. This thing is so effective that sissy can be awakened from a sound sleep with a push of a button. Zap!! dang and sissy is up and running to see what the Queen needs now instantly!! very effective. The nice thing about this device is that Queen Misty always has a simple and effective way to get things done without having to fuss too much with anything, So to picture this in motion, just picture Queen Misty lounging about , she presses the button and in about 2 seconds she hears the pitter patter of sissy feet running quickly to see what Queen Misty needs. Sissy makes eye contact with Queen Misty then she typically will say Coffee Slut!! Or sometimes coffee Sissy Slut and sissy is quick to get it right away. That is how it works around here. Sometimes Queen Misty will say you may go back to bed now sissy, other times she may require breakfast to be prepared a sissy just never knows what to expect. Well this is just an average morning in the life of Misty's sissy hub bella's routine which is being shared with you now.

 More to come later,,,, bella 

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