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Friday, March 19, 2021

Misty’s Sissy Hub Bella - Our First post, hope that it gets some reads.

 Where to start, hmm I guess from now. Why are we here? Well we are here because it is time to share some of our daily adventures with others that have an interest or other similar couples who have similar Fem/Dom lifestyle's. Yes Bella that is me I am my Wife's submissive sissy for sure. This developed over time, as we used to at times have fun with Fem Dom games and things like that to break the boredom that creeps into couples sex lives as they grow older and we sometimes fall into a rut if you will. That rut seemed to come and go over time. We both wanted the other to be more responsive sexually and then things really just stalled out. I thought oh it's just the menopause and she will be over it soon, but years past and then I thought well I guess it is permanent. I was Wrong!!! oh boy. and as of recent we are back to spending very exciting times together again like we used to in the past. This includes normal good old fashioned Sex!! yes we had so much of that back in the day, nothing too weird or kinky just banging away several times a day for sure for years. Well time can be cruel , We have both had some issues with our health as people do as they age. We are both over 50 years old, and yes us old people still do get horny too lol. mine developed into erectile dysfunction and seems to be a problem that I am going to work harder on if you will😑 For her some surgery too and me as well seem to leave us both in that rut. Well now about a month or so ago we talked , and talked a lot, about a lot,.I would secretly go for walks in places like parks dressed as a female. I did this for about a year or so and it seemed to give me the feeling of sexuality that kept me somewhat sane in my mind. It also left me with a huge amount of guilt for hiding this side of me.The truth is I was just to scared to tell her this out of fear of rejection. Well she did find out and we did talk and I did tell her of my times dressed in Femme. After some long talks and things she totally shocked and surprised me when she seemed to not only accept this but enjoy getting me more properly dressed and more sissified then I ever even imagined. Well that is where we are now and it is for both of us a fun and exciting time to be sure. For me it has also meant a lot of real work being trained to be a useful and proper sissy slut bella for my fabulous Queen Misty. That is how I address her now. This is new as well for us to be so 24/7 with this arrangement. I am now finally actually learning how to cook. Something I was never any good at prior. During these first few posts here we will be sharing some daily rituals, tasks, punishment routines and events that shape this Fem/Dom lifestyle that we are in now. I might also say that we have dabbled in Fem/Dom stuff in the past that used to get very intense at times to include cuckolding and canes and many other things that we used to do. I would say going back approximately 20 years or so. Well that is about it for now as she is waiting here and I must be ready to serve as a proper sissy slut bella at a moments notice. more about that later. Queen Misty really does have some very effective ways to summon her sissy when she needs immediate attention!!! and believe me I mean immediate!!, More on that too later. Well in closing we are hopeful that others may learn somethings from us to help them communicate better with each other, especially if you have an interest in an alternate lifestyle as we do!

Thanks for checking in,,,bella       


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  1. I just found your blog through another one. We are older than you, and tried the FemDom lifestyle about 4 years ago, but it was too overwhelming for my wife, it lasted about a year. Of course, I miss it. But it was an experience of a lifetime! Good luck to you both.


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