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Sunday, March 28, 2021

punishment day

 Yes it's that time again for a sissy to get her discipline, no way around that. Even when a sissy works hard to please her Mistress, It still comes, the discipline!!.Well I was just informed that this will happen today. I honestly cannot really think of any bad infractions of late, but I am sure that Mistress will find some. She is very good at finding sissy infractions. Not sure how bad it will be but I will try to add some picture's to the blog after it's over. Misty does use a variety of implements to use on her sissy and she has some that produce some real nastiness on sissy Bella's ass. Counting is a frequent part of this procedure and Misty insists on counting as she proceeds. One of her favorite tools is a paddle that she received from Mistress Christina properly named "The Beloved" the beloved is a very sturdy little paddle which is an exact copy of Mistress Christina's paddle used on Bella at certain parties that Misty and Bella have attended in the past. Also involved are the several cane's and some whips that Mistress uses on  the sissies ass. Sunday is a day of rest for sure, but not for sissies, sissies have to keep up with constant chore's no matter the day. It's just the way it is right? Well no exception here, however Queen Misty does have plans to visit her Sister today and relax while Bella stays home to catch up on laundry and other tasks that need tending to. Today chores will be done with a sore sissy bottom. This morning I was starting to type in the blog when I was paged By Queen Misty, zap!! and then followed was the instruction, coffee slut!! to which I am well accustomed to as this happens at least twice a day. A sissy never knows when she will receive the zap!! but it certainly does produce swift action from the sissy. Some photo's of the pager will find their way into this blog very soon.  Well to be  honest the pager is actually a shock device used for the training of dogs. Bella is not a dog, but she has been made to oink like a pig, moo like a cow and other things, Bella does not recall being made to make any barking or dog sounds so far. In the past as other's were present, it was quite humorous for the others watching the sissy being caned while making oink oink sounds and moo moo sounds. Very funny right? Well a sissy has to endure some difficult predicaments for the pure sake of providing some entertainment for her better's right? To be honest it feels good to be able to provide some memorable fun times for her Queen and friends that is what sissies are for aren't they? Well so far there aren't very many comments to the posts on this blog , but we welcome comments, please feel free to leave some if you will? Not much more to say for now, but will update later today, time permitting,    

Sissy Slut Bella 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

New Tit Clamps

A nice walk in the park here today,  yes we did that today after work. It was a rainy day but a nice day. Queen Misty decided that these nice little nipple squeezer's would be proper gear for a walk in the park. We started out on a nice wooded trail it was very nice to get out and exercise. These little pinchers can give a constant reminder of your status in life. Queen Misty is mindful to check these every so often and retighten as needed. They do loosen up some after they have been on a while or I get cold. Needless to say they did stay on and did get tightened up several times on this little hike. It was fortunate that it rained slightly as there were very few others out for a walk today. Just another thing a Sissy has to put up with to bring some cheer to her Queen Misty. Another thing to notice, if you look close, is the tattoo on the sissy slut. Yes it just says Sissy and it is in a very viewable place for others to see. A better photo of this should be here soon. Not a whole lot to add today except to say that Queen Misty has informed me that there will be some discipline tomorrow for past infractions and for my bragging about no punishment on the blog. I thought I got away with it. Hmm, I guess I should have kept my big mouth shut 😳.
Well better go for now. 
Hope to blog some tomorrow  .  ,,Bella


Monday, March 22, 2021

Warm Weather

 Another update for any others to view. Things are getting warmer around here in the Midwest. Misty and Bella have been busy outside. Lots to do, but it does include sissy wearing a pink collar under the covid mask. Some pictures of this to come soon. Misty believes that sissy needs to always know and be aware of being a true sissy. Little things like this do work on a sissy’s mind. We are still trying to figure out the process for building this blog which hopefully brings a lot of viewers. Warmer weather will also bring us outside for some walks and hopefully some play in secluded area's. There are several area's around these parts that we could go for some fun. She has recently suggested some walks when the sun is a bit down where a sissy can dress as a sissy and be out and about with Queen Misty. This is another area where we should be able to get some good photo's to spice up this blog. The covid scare is still alive out there for us but the vaccines are coming soon we think. That will be great as then we can resume more social events and have some fun. Misty can be quite a sexual flirt with men and she never fails to get attention from them when ever we go out. I sissy am pretty sure that if the right guy came along, that is her type, that she probably would not hesitate to cuckold her sissy slut bella again as she has done in the past. There are some stories here as well, though it has been a while. There is something very rewarding for a sissy after she see's the excitement in her Mistress while she peruses a cuckold type event. It is a hard thing to describe as part of it is very emotionally upsetting but irresistible at the same time. It can be fun, but also not so much, trying to figure out the other guys thoughts or reasoning for doing it. Just something few married couples should probably ever get into unless there bond is very strong and they know that it is for sure. We have discussed how things would and should go during these types of times, but honestly things never really go as planned. Awhile back, before I was Sissy bella, we did get involved with cuckolding and it was very thought provoking and emotional.  To be perfectly honest, during these times I was way to much topping from the bottom!! Something I now see that I didn't realize at the time. The cuckoldress really has a lot to deal with in a cuckold situation and it can be very stressful on her as well. Sure she gets the strange exciting sex, but what else? some STD's? not good although we have been lucky here. It's just that so many things can and do go wrong that it can and has been more trouble than it's worth sometimes. Well not to through cold water on what can also be a great time, she, and we all three have also had some fantastic sex and just even great mental stimulation from the cuckolding experiences that we did have. I am for sure a much better cucked husband for being a sissy slut bella for Queen Misty. That is about it for today as I have some sissy chores to attend to now, even though i managed to get away with no disciplining from last week's infraction's lol, I better be on my best behavior this week as well. 

That’s all for now  

Sissy Slut Bella signing off for now.  

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Misty’s Sissy Hub Bella - Day 2

 Ok, day two of this blog. still working on how does this thing work. I guess it takes time to learn new things right? I woke up early for some odd reason. Queen Misty woke up early as well. Our normal day is that Queen Misty wakes up before sissy  bella and she will relax , watch some morning news events and use her pager to wake up sissy bella to quickly go prepare Queen Misty's coffee. Now this is the thing , this pager is actually a shock device used for dog training. Queen Misty insists that sissy bella wears this device 24/7and  sissy knows to keep it on and charged at all times. This thing is very effective for sissy bella's training. It actually is attached to the sissy's penis. Sissy does have two devices like this that sissy is required to keep charged up at all times. This thing is so effective that sissy can be awakened from a sound sleep with a push of a button. Zap!! dang and sissy is up and running to see what the Queen needs now instantly!! very effective. The nice thing about this device is that Queen Misty always has a simple and effective way to get things done without having to fuss too much with anything, So to picture this in motion, just picture Queen Misty lounging about , she presses the button and in about 2 seconds she hears the pitter patter of sissy feet running quickly to see what Queen Misty needs. Sissy makes eye contact with Queen Misty then she typically will say Coffee Slut!! Or sometimes coffee Sissy Slut and sissy is quick to get it right away. That is how it works around here. Sometimes Queen Misty will say you may go back to bed now sissy, other times she may require breakfast to be prepared a sissy just never knows what to expect. Well this is just an average morning in the life of Misty's sissy hub bella's routine which is being shared with you now.

 More to come later,,,, bella 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Misty’s Sissy Hub Bella - Our First post, hope that it gets some reads.

 Where to start, hmm I guess from now. Why are we here? Well we are here because it is time to share some of our daily adventures with others that have an interest or other similar couples who have similar Fem/Dom lifestyle's. Yes Bella that is me I am my Wife's submissive sissy for sure. This developed over time, as we used to at times have fun with Fem Dom games and things like that to break the boredom that creeps into couples sex lives as they grow older and we sometimes fall into a rut if you will. That rut seemed to come and go over time. We both wanted the other to be more responsive sexually and then things really just stalled out. I thought oh it's just the menopause and she will be over it soon, but years past and then I thought well I guess it is permanent. I was Wrong!!! oh boy. and as of recent we are back to spending very exciting times together again like we used to in the past. This includes normal good old fashioned Sex!! yes we had so much of that back in the day, nothing too weird or kinky just banging away several times a day for sure for years. Well time can be cruel , We have both had some issues with our health as people do as they age. We are both over 50 years old, and yes us old people still do get horny too lol. mine developed into erectile dysfunction and seems to be a problem that I am going to work harder on if you will😑 For her some surgery too and me as well seem to leave us both in that rut. Well now about a month or so ago we talked , and talked a lot, about a lot,.I would secretly go for walks in places like parks dressed as a female. I did this for about a year or so and it seemed to give me the feeling of sexuality that kept me somewhat sane in my mind. It also left me with a huge amount of guilt for hiding this side of me.The truth is I was just to scared to tell her this out of fear of rejection. Well she did find out and we did talk and I did tell her of my times dressed in Femme. After some long talks and things she totally shocked and surprised me when she seemed to not only accept this but enjoy getting me more properly dressed and more sissified then I ever even imagined. Well that is where we are now and it is for both of us a fun and exciting time to be sure. For me it has also meant a lot of real work being trained to be a useful and proper sissy slut bella for my fabulous Queen Misty. That is how I address her now. This is new as well for us to be so 24/7 with this arrangement. I am now finally actually learning how to cook. Something I was never any good at prior. During these first few posts here we will be sharing some daily rituals, tasks, punishment routines and events that shape this Fem/Dom lifestyle that we are in now. I might also say that we have dabbled in Fem/Dom stuff in the past that used to get very intense at times to include cuckolding and canes and many other things that we used to do. I would say going back approximately 20 years or so. Well that is about it for now as she is waiting here and I must be ready to serve as a proper sissy slut bella at a moments notice. more about that later. Queen Misty really does have some very effective ways to summon her sissy when she needs immediate attention!!! and believe me I mean immediate!!, More on that too later. Well in closing we are hopeful that others may learn somethings from us to help them communicate better with each other, especially if you have an interest in an alternate lifestyle as we do!

Thanks for checking in,,,bella       


kinda bored

 Nothing much to add today.  Things are a bit boring as of late. Hope it changes soon. I will post when that happens but for now nothing rea...